In any gathering of people there are many task and responsibilities to be taken care of. RMUC has teams organized to ensure the work is done.

We have a CHURCH COUNCIL Team: a Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer who provide overall direction for our Church activities and budget.

Our TRUSTEES  have a fiduciary duty for the Church property and buildings.

Our ELDERS Team provide oversight for our worship.

On behalf of the Church, the M&P (Ministry and Personnel) Team liaises with the minister and church staff to ensure their contractual relationship remains positive and mutually beneficial.

Our busy UCW (United Church Workers) do the hands on work to ensure great social and catering events.

The FUNDRAISING Team plans special events intended to raise money in support of our Church budget. They have created yard sales, special suppers, and an ongoing bottle drive.

Our BUILDINGS Team monitors the condition of our premises and maintains all in good working order.

Our JUSTICE Team provides advocacy for those who identify a need, such as supporting renters in Low Income housing or providing information on “Bullying in the Workplace”

Our REFUGEE Team offers support to help settle immigrants in the Nakusp Community

Our VISIONING Team keeps an eye on the future so that our ministry in Nakusp remains relevant.