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In 2001 Hilary Bitten joined us and began her training in ministry as a “Lay Pastoral Minister in Training.” In 2003 she was recognized by BC Conference as a Designated Lay Minister.

Hilary Bitten, DLM

Minister’s Message:

Greeting to one and all…”

Jesus said, “When two or three are gathered in my name I’ll be there.” That is one of the reasons we gather as a community of faith. Another reason is that as Christians we are called to be in community, sharing and growing together. Robertson Memorial United Church is indeed a very special community through which the spirit flows. Throughout the years I have served these church folks have come and gone for many different reasons, but our message remains that we are a community of faith…    All are Welcome!


Hilary Bitten, DLM

photo by Paula Ashby, 2016 Spring Presbytery Gathering in Nakusp



Palm Sunday, 2018

The congregation celebrates the 15th anniversary of Hilary’s leadership in ministry at RMUC.

Hilary stands amongst her congregation

Hilary stands with Carolyn Rogers, Conference Minister for Kootenay Presbytery